Do you suffer from fatigue? Stress? Physical or emotional tension? Do you want to live with more energy and learn how to do this yourself?

Be assisted and learn to feel a deep feeling of relaxation and vibrance in your body, mind and soul!

In my practice I assist people in achieving a deep feeling of relaxation and inner peace, and teach people how to take responsibility for their well being by sharing various exercises which can be practiced. I use a combination of healing modalities; Biodynamic breathwork and trauma Release System, Bioenergetics exercises, Healing Tao qigong and meditation, Reconnective Dance and stress releasing bodywork with the support of music which I produce to make the sessions more effective.

Would you like to feel deeply relaxed and peaceful?

Hear what other people have to say about Arie's sessions

"My 2-night stay at the Eikpunt was a bubble of peace, away from home and my daily routine. My main goal was to experience a breathwork session with Arie: these 2 hours of movement, body awareness, breathing and meditation left me with a feeling of emotional aliveness and deep relaxation."



“I had attended a series of sessions and Arie treated me very patiently and lovingly giving me the confidence to go deep to process unprocessed and stuck feelings in my body. I also liked that arie also taught me exercises that I am now practicing at home."