Welcome to my website. Here you can explore the different body oriented therapies I offer and workshops where I teach psycho spiritual practices. Click on the links below for more information. 

- Body and Breath Therapy 

- Healing Tao Qigong and Meditation

- Reconnective Dance

I am an interdisciplinary artist, body-oriented therapist and teacher of psycho-spiritual practices. I started a path of self-healing and development after experiencing personal health problems and was attracted to study and experience holistic and body-oriented methods of healing and self-development. Methods from old traditions such as Taoism and yoga, but also modern methods such as Bioenergetics and Biodynamic Breathwork. Through my experience with these modalities, I felt motivated to share these forms of self-healing and development with people.

In my own breath and body therapy practice I combine elements of Biodynamic Breathwork, Bioenergetics and Healing Tao in a unique way. In 2018 I followed the training of Healing Tao Associate Instructor with Barry Spendlove and in 2019 finished my Biodynamic Breathwork training. I am the creator of Reconnective Dance, an active dance meditation where movement, breath and body awareness exercises are combined with free expressive dance and an eclectic mix of acoustic and electronic music.

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