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 About me 

I started exploring different methods of self healing ever since I had health problems at the age of 18. I experienced adrenal burnout and was chronically fatigued with very little energy and motivation and had serious back pain. With these events I realized I had to take responsibility for my health and make a radical shift in my lifestyle. Intuitively I felt that I could use natural methods of healing to get better. I explored many different psycho spiritual practices which I practice to this day. Practices from various traditions such as yoga, tantra, taoism, bioenergetics and biodynamic breathwork

Art has always been a way for me to make a bridge between the heavens and the earth, offering me many different tools which I can use to manifest ideas from my intuition and imagination. I am currently finding ways to use art and combine it with psycho spiritual practices in order to make them more accessible, effective and attractive for people. 

If you wish to know more, ask questions or share