Why Reconnective Dance? 

I created Reconnective Dance as I wanted to find a way to make basic psycho spiritual practices more accessible and effective. To make practices more fun and motivating for people who are new to self development practices or for people who want to broaden their practice. In this way it can be accessible for participants of any level and offer an opportunity for all to practice in community. Reconnective Dance helps empower people to gain responsibility for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, to transform their stress into vitality and to maintain a coherent comunity.

I had the great opportunity to learn psycho spiritual practices from many different sources and teachers. Practices from traditions both ancient such as yoga, tantra and taosim and new such as bioenergetics and biodynamic breathwork. I always enjoyed dancing to electronic music at music festivals and events. I found that the experience of a music performance at a dance stage could be taken to a next level by integrating it with psycho spiritual practices. I would experiemnt by combining the different practices which I had learnt with dance. I developped different practices which helped me to express myslef through movement and bring me bring me feelings of bliss without the use of drugs or external stimulants.


I later did research with different groups of participants in the facuty of music and technology of the Hogeschool voor de Kunst Utrecht. I taught the psycho-spiritual practices which I had develped and experiemented combining them with audiovisual art and technology in order to make them more effective. From this research and practice Reconnective Dance has become a modality which I share and practice with groups and individuals. I share it as single workshops at festivals and events but also as a series of classes where participants can deepen and advance in their practice and learn certain techniques which they can practice into their everyday lives. This modality can be adapted for different aims. A class can be more focused on using more or less exercises for the following aims: balancing energy systems of the body, generatig heart coherence, generating bliss, connecting community. In each workshop we do fulfill all of the aims more or less.

 Aims of Reconnective Dance 

 Generating Heart Coherence 

During a Reconnective Dance workshop we practice different techniques which generate heart coherence. Generating heart coherence means we raise the electromagnetic charge in our heart which helps to achieve a balanced felt state of ease and harmony, relieved stress and allows for clear thinking. The heart generates a rhythmic frequency which influences our brain processes and nervous system, cognitive function and emotion. We become at our best and come in the zone. It helps to transform our negative emotions such as frustration, anxiety, anger, hate, stress back into our balanced emotional state of being (positive emotions). Interestingly this is practiced in many different religions in the form of different prayers or mantras. 



We use different practices which generate heart coherence such as the ancient practice of the inner smile which has been practiced by taosit masters for thousands of years. This is a fundamental taoist practice which helps us to become aware and connect energetically to our inner being, to the different parts of our body such as our organs, our digestive system and our spine. The heart is like the lord or emperor of the organs, the brain is like the controller and they are connecting together. The emperor has to connect and communicate and send healing power to all other parts of the body. In other words we are activating our parasympathetic nervous system which allows our body to heal and regenerate. As our brain connects to our whole nervous system when we combine our heart feeling with our mind our hearts connect to our whole body. We feel positive, grateful, love joy and appreciation for ourselves and for each other.



The HeartMath institute is doing a lot of research on the physiological effects of heart coherence and they are confirming many theories which the taoists have learned intuitively over the thousands of years of self exploration. Here you can see an example of HeartMath institute's research of how generating heart coherence can raise heart rate variability which allows us to be more resilient to stress.



 Bliss experience and DNA modulation 

As we practice Reconnective Dance over a period of time we progressively allow our bodies to release physical tensions from the top to the bottom of our bodies and allow space for energy to flow from our sexual centre. We use specific breathing, movement and body awareness techniques to activate, circulate and store this energy in the body. When this energy combines with loving energy in our hearts and ascends to our pineal gland we experience a state of bliss. A hormone is secreted which makes every cell in the body more conductive. The cells become more able to receive information from space as the charge which is generated in the body is attractive. Cosmic particles are attracted to us and decoded in the form of sound, light, knowledge and realization. You could translate this to having a greater connection to our higher self and intuition.


According to the taoists, spiritual energy is orgasmic energy, at least once it has been activated in an alchemical process which we practice with the microcosmic orbit meditation. This practice along with the inner smile and six healing sounds practice allows one to create more energy and spirit in the body, which results in a stronger radiating aura or light body. The chakra system is part of this light body as chakras are like motors or batteris which supply specific body parts wth energy for proper fuctioning. 


and spiritual connection with the world. It is something people will feel about you. This is ours and ours alone unless we lose our sense of slef because of traumatic experience, which shamanism is called soul loss. We might feel like we are not ourselves, as if we are possesed by something else. When we practice reconnective dance we use different methods which reconnect our soul to our body. This is one important part, once this is done we practice certain technique so that we can work on raising our energy level in the body dso it can heal the body on emotional, physical spiritual level.


The Earth has a natural frequency, also known as the schuman resonance which vibrates at 8hz/second. When we feel waves of orgasmic vibration and unconditional love for the self and others we vibrate at the same 8hz/second frequency of the earth. This frequency has been measured by scientists during moments of bliss. The taoists believe that when we experience this create this bliss our DNA splits and modulate. Without this bliss the cells will not reproduce and eventualy die. Daniel Winter with the Heart Math institute have found scientific evidence that human feelings of bliss do indeed modulate DNA.This energy is sent right down to the DNA of every cell of our body and modulates the DNA codons.



Community and relationship building

A Reconnective Dance workshop can also focus more on exercises and movements to help a group or a couple connect and communicate with each other. Sometimes we forget how to communicate authentically as we are becoming more and more used to technological means of communication such as telephones or email. We usually make surface level connections because of the rushed world in which we live. We also are surrounded by so many distractions and have to live strssful lives to survive and therefore can feel a general lack of ease. When we communicate from a state of heart felt connection, also called coherence, we become more present and our connection becomes deeper and more genuine. Without coherence, we lose this connection and our heart-body connection is lost and the nervous system becomes vulnerable to impatience and a state of irritation increases along with dread. It could be dread of a meeting, a situation, a person...



Reconnective Dance can be used in different types of events focussing on people to get to communicate and interact authentically. For relationships it can be useful as we learn to interact from a place of the heart as the mind and emotions slow down. Authentic communication can be restricted in a relationship becausee of silent, unresolved friction or irrittion between ech other. This can cause us not to communicate our true feelings, creating even more emotional disconnect and seperation. For in businesses, where coherenct communication allows for higher choices and discernments which are more attainable and sustainable. It can allow for better work productivity.


In these situations we can use Reconnective dance way exercises are more geared toward geneating coherence and partner interaction and communication. When in a coherent state we feel through direct experience that the people in the group are interconnected. As we generate a heart felt emotion or coherence we connect our heart's coherent field or aura with another person's aura. When two auras become entrained there is a magical moment when we feel charge passing through each other's bodies. We perceive the feelings of each other which we call empathy. This allows us to communicate without unconscious emotional conflict and brings us social awareness and emotional intelligence.