Reconnective Dance is an active meditation practice which combines movement, breathing and body awareness techniques with self expressive dance and music. The self development techniques which Reconnective Dance integrates come from both ancient traditions such as taoism, yoga, tantra and shamanism and new such as bioenergetics and biodynamic breathwork. This psycho-spiritual dance practice can help us move through limiting physical tensions and holding patterns. This allows us to become more in touch and express our emotions. We connect with each other through expressive movement and touch. Reconnective Dance can help us achieve better physical health, feel vibrantly alive, and feel more connected in ourselves, with each other and with our surrounding environment. It was designed to be accessible for people of all levels of practice who are interested in self development. 

 Reconnective Dance 

 What to expect from Reconnective Dance?

During a Reconnective Dance event we always warm up with combination of specific and spontaneous body positions and movements in order to release chronic physical tension which can be formed at different areas of the body. We all carry these tensions because of unresolved emotional conflicts, trauma, lifestyle habits. These blockages prevent energy, also named life force, chi or prana, to flow through the different energy centers or chakras in the body.

We breath deeply and connect our breath and body awareness to these tense and blocked areas allowing the body to unwind spontaneously. The release of muscular tension and holding patterns also make it possible for emotions to be expressed. We stay grounded and connected with a place of safety and resource in the body.


Specific body awareness and meditation techniques are used which allow us to consciously transform our negative emotions into positive virtues, generating a state of coherence in the body. We then connect with each other through contact and touch, allowing this coherence to spread out into the group.

As feelings of bliss are generated we allow ourselves to dance in celebration allowing a transformation of our being. We finish the workshop with a full body relaxation and a group sharing in order to integrate our experience. After a Reconnective Dance session participants report feeling a better sense of self, more lively and energized, more in touch with their selves, each other and with their environment.

If you want to know more or are interested in organizing a Reconnective Dance workshop

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