If you would like to ask any questions, book a session or organise a workshop you can contact me by phone or mail.

schockaertarie@gmail.com | Tel: +31687628960

I am based in Nijmegen in the Netherlands living in a community called Woongemeenschap Eikpunt. In this community the members feel connected by four pillars: multi-generation living, sustainability, meditation & reflection and community building. If you would like to follow a personal training program it is possible to stay with me in the community to do sessions.


What people have to say about Woongemeenschap Eikpunt:


"My 2 night stay at the Eikpunt was a bubble of peace, away from home and my daily routine. My main goal was to experience a breathwork session with Arie: these 2 hours of movement, body awareness, breathing and meditation left me. with a sense of emotional vibrancy and deep relaxation. But that was not all. This beautiful community is located in a very inspiring green neighborhood. From Lent I could easily cycle into the countryside, listening to the many birds that line the banks of the river. the Eikpunt offers all the comforts you could dream of: a large, bright and well-equipped kitchen, a bathtub, a comfortable guest bedroom and even a Hobbit house-style meditation room. ”experience was very enjoyable. come to enjoy the luxury of tranquility, simplicity and personal care. Thank you Arie and everything "