Deep relaxation belly breathing and face massage video (short 7 minutes)

Would you like to learn a set of exercises which you can practice at home?

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Deep relaxation movement practice video

The broad goals of the breathing, movement and body awareness exercises include learning to activate and feel your life force energy, transforming negative emotions into positive emotions and stress into harmony and vitality leaving you with a feeling of deep relaxation. You learn to manage, center and ground energy in your body. You become more aware of the life force energy flow in yourself and learn to refine it. 

Deep relaxation meditation practice video

With this guided inner smile meditation you make a connection with the five vital organs using the mind and the felt sense. This can help develop a personal relationship with yourself on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. By learning to direct smiling energy into each of the five major organs using the mind while feeling into the area of the organs, we get them to calm down, relax, and function more efficiently, and most importantly convert the negative emotions into positive emotions.