Taoist Qigong and Meditation Practice Videos 

I produce qigong and meditation videos that I share on online platforms. I travels to beautiful natural locations to make these videos so that people at home can appreciate the beautiful natural environment while being guided through taoist meditation and movement practices. Natural locations such as Kythira, an island in Greece, or North Wales where I produce videos with my Healing Tao teacher Barry Spendlove.

Practice Videos in Kythira

Here are videos of myself practicing with my teacher of taoist practices Barry Spendlove in the Welsh nature. I produced these videos along with Barry Spendlove.

Practice Videos in North Wales

 Playing with Earth and Heaven 

In 'Playing with Earth and Heaven' Barry and I walk toward Llangelenyn Church and enjoy a guided mother earth meditation at an old well. As we our journey continues we come to the top of the mountain and practice a piece of qigong where we open the five elements to Heaven and Earth. 

 Playing with Dragons 

In 'Playing with Dragons' Barry and I make a pilgrimage to Dinas Emrys, also known as merlins mountain. On the way we sit down to practice a Bone Breathing meditation. After a cacao ceremony at the waterfall we do a nice peace of movement called swimming dragon chi gong.