Reconnective Dance is an active dance meditation combining movement, breathing and body awareness exercises with dance and an eclectic mix of acoustic and electronic music. The exercises that Reconnective Dance integrates come from both old traditions such as Yoga and Taoism (Tai Chi / Qigong) and new such as Bioenergetics and Biodynamic Breathwork. Through practicing this form of dance in alignment with the principles of these modalities, energy is generated in the body and the mind and balance is restored.

During a Reconnective Dance opening workshop Arie guides the participants to align the mind, body and movement in order to warm up and generate energy. We balance the different dynamics of energy and align with the forces of the universe. We allow ourselves to make slow, rhythmic, graceful movements with the body. The more we can move from within the more we feel inspired to make new expressive movements.

After the opening workshop we are invited to a freeflow dance supported by a DJ set often accompanied by live music. Here we apply and integrate the various exercises of the workshop into our dance. We finish with a closing integration with a sound bath concert.

Reconnective Dance can make us feel joyful, vibrant and powerful, with a greater sense of connection ourselves and others. People are not only involved as individuals separate from each other and their environment, but as a community, a sense of unity develops. We feel connected with ourselves and with the whole.

 Reconnective Dance 

If you want to know more or are interested in organizing a Reconnective Dance workshop

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