Healing Tao Qigong and Meditation

Healing Tao is a way of Inner Alchemy: you learn to transform stagnant energy from emotions and forms of stress into harmony and balance. You learn to manage, center and ground energy in your body. You also learn to stand relaxed in a solid structure and to work with 'soft power'. In this way you build up vital energy and it is easier to move within yourself. You also become more aware of the energy flow in yourself and learn to refine it. 

I offer a complete program of the Healing Tao Basics with a clear structure. We work with warming up qi gong, iron shirt qi gong (structure exercises), forms of centering, inner smile and healing sounds. For people with experience and for beginners a solid start in the Healing Tao. In the video below you can get impression of the classes I offer.

If you want to know more or are interested in following a Reconnective Dance workshop you can follow the link below.