Multidisciplinary Collaborations 

I enjoy collaborating with artists of other artistic disciplines in different contexts such as theatre, dance, scenography, interactive design, illustration, video, storytelling. Here are some projects that I have worked on.

 Aqua Hominum 

Aqua Hominum is an interactive dance performance and ritual inspired by the native american sweat lodge. Water is first represented and then used as a purificatory element. While interacting with the fluid-like audiovisual effects the dancers embody the different states of water. Then the audience experiences it's ability to transform negative emotions into positive emotions. The spectators are invited to dissolve that which they no longer want to hold on to. This piece was produced by Arie Schockaert and Anja Podreka.


(Ge)Strand is an interdisciplinary theater performance which provides a stage for stories about the refugee crisis. This theatre piece was created by the community art collective Knalland of which Arie Schockaert is a member. The theater show includes live music and projected visuals. The live music was a mixture of Classical Syrian music with western electronic music written and produced by Arie. The visual art was created by Munir de Vries. I was very content after having presented this piece as the reaction of the audience was very positive.

 Wavefield Synthesis 

For this wavefield synthesis performance I created a musical piece and created this after movie along with filmmaker Anne Fehres. I composed a piece which combined an electronic dance production with a guided breathing exercise. The movement of the sound effects of the elecrtonic music on the fully surround sound system represented the movement of breathing and the associated felt sense of energy expanding out on the out breath and contracting in on the in breath.


Wave Field Synthesis is the first sound reproduction technique that enables sound to be truly distributed spatially, physically instead of psycho acoustically. The Game of Life foundation offered composers (sound artists/artists/musicians) a unique opportunity to work with a highly specialized Wave Field Synthesis system. The WFS system comprises of 192 specially designed loudspeakers and provides listeners with an immersive sonic experience that is impossible to experience in ones own home environment (however impressive current surround systems may be). Here six artists compose and perform a musical piece on the Game of Life foundation's wave field synthesis system. Please wear headphones to experience the 3D spatial audio. This was recorded with binaural microphones.